About humus.io

humus.io exists to serve the self-evident Human Economic Purpose (HEP) of all human beings:

HEP | Human Economic Purpose:

The open governance mission of humus.io is to develop and maintain an open source Common Resource Management System (CRMS) for Human Economic Purpose.

CRMS | Common Resource Management System:

Public Ledger Technology | What the where, when, how and why!?

humus.io is a 501(c)3 association. Open governance is based on the iterative process of collaborative competency, applied through open accounting, direct decision-making, responsibility rotation, and sortition allocation. Pre-alpha content was first published in June of 2017 and presented at the 2017 IASC Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Commons. humus.io is approved by Google's nonprofit program to use the G Suite platform without charge, and will continue to leverage G Suite services to advance humus.io as we transition or add the redundancy of open source peer-to-peer social contract platforms. 

The closed governance of corporate-state power demands our personal data to profile and manipulate us for private profit, while obstructing open access to our collective data for participatory public decision-making in life ecology. 

Thus, the imperative to transform the violence and ecocide of money imposed scarcity and inequality (Capitalism), inflation and taxation (Socialism), into an open source community that works equally well for anyone; all in about one day each per week to secure for everyone our universal basic needs. 

A Communion of Purpose: 

All we need to have the kind of community we want is to work together intentionally, the equivalent of one day per week!  Say [email protected] to be notified when the forum is live, or watch the oneday.community domain space that in the interim forwards to humus.io

humus.io open governance is grounded on the individual right to life, liberty and property, and holds that for every individual right there exists a concomitant duty to exercise our rights fairly and responsibly through equal participation and public accounting; and that any person who cannot exercise these rights does not have these rights:




humus.io logo artwork is designed around a low-tech minimalist approach based on the principles of modularity. Eight color-coded icons of the same design, symbolizing human i/o, and humus-earth i/o. This iconography can be used on any color background for tagging content across p2p7p channels of information, mostly for meaningful aesthetics except for the alert icon.


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Red tags are warning alerts, such as data threats or other safety and security concerns. Use cases include abuses of power or technical dysfunction that must be addressed by the community. Purple is associated more positively with power than red, and represents cooperation and our social capacity to address and redress state/market secrecy and corruption. Green are the places where we grow food and live and work and make good memories together. Aqua is the non-threatening neutral thirst of all people, and translates nicely into solid, true-blue collaborative projects. The Yellow process zone is to color what gray is to black and white. It is the crowd-sourced information we need from the feedback we get by sharing our process with each other, like the chaos of the stars in the heavens and how they shine for us. More down to earth, our social contracts of governance must be as clearly Black and White as possible, for upon the rule of law our organizational capacity will be determined... and may Orange, ultimately, turn our visions of promise and commitment into sustainable ecology.

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Admin Team

Kurt Brenneman, research and systems design, co-founder and editor of humus.io
Silvia Oliveira, Associate Professor, Portuguese Studies, Rhode Island College, USA, Portuguese American Literature, Cultures, Immigration, Mutual Aid. Co-founder of humus.io
Marah Brenneman, PhD graduate research, Cultural Anthropology, University of Leipzig, Germany, #solidarity #reciprocity #commons Co-founder of humus.io

See Promissory Notes for roadmap and deliverables.