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art is a ridiculous satire in pursuit of the facts

This page is a left brain break to reflect on the revelations everywhere longing to take the money out of Human Economic Purpose

Money is not a medium of efficiency for personal liberty and free markets. It separates us from the real thing and prevents us from doing the right thing. The minority who create money (Socialism) cannot make money (Capitalism) without imposing scarcity and inequality on the majority, through unfair compensation, unequal taxation, and loan-debt slavery. Too much equality (Socialism), and money loses its purchase power. Too much inequality (Capitalism), and money destroys society. Money operates as a pyramid scheme that is intrinsically divided against itself and life ecology. It undermines community and human dignity by obstructing technical efficiency, direct access, and open accountability for the resources we all need and use. Inclusive, open source participation to satisfy Human Economic Purpose takes the money pressure off everyone and connects us in meaningful community for personal security and wellbeing, without money and taxation.

community is the currency of human agency and fear is lost in transparency


Two words: Access and Accountability

See Hear Ye! The Conquest of Bread (audio book/text here)

My Time In Your Space

To whom it has been written and said, 'words are all we have,' may we add?

If ‘words are all we have’ is true, it is only so if we’ve time to know; or the words we lack are nothing more than empty signs and tinkling noise, no sense to ear and nothing set in stone.

Without time there is no code to eat, or pause —between our moving lips; only nothing we have, if nothing exists, and time and words may never tell.

If time cannot be separated from space, and it was not by choice that we chose this place, can we occupy more than a state of grace?

But grace alone cannot move us from place to place if we are constrained in space against our will to do another's bidding.

Is it not the time value of time we must know and share if all are to hear and see that words are all we have here?

Kurt Brenneman 
2014.07.08 Middlebury, Vermont

You can't run an economy on money without publicly accounting for how money is created, what  money will buy, and how much purchasing power everyone has and needs to meet their needs.  Anything less than open public accountancy and inclusive participation in public decision-making is some form of privately imposed economic servitude. Competency merits leadership and humility, not unequal compensation and a license to marginalize and deprive others of fair access to provide for themselves the necessities of life and an equal standard of living.

SEE: Closed vs Open Economy or continue Cartwheeling in Compost

Cartwheeling in Compost

Are you growing, making and living for Human Economic Purpose in a Biosite of Wellbeing? 

Don't wait for a wooden heart to be part of a oneday.community !

How shall we edutain us in the struggle for pocket and change?

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