Closed vs open source Economy

Socialism and Capitalism... or one day each per week?

The diagram comparison below is part of a forthcoming publication that qualitatively recounts the personal life experience of Kurt Brenneman, co-founder of, in arriving at the same conclusions set forth by Peter Kropotkin in The Conquest of Bread (1906), without ever having read Kropotkin's brilliant work; an international landmark so elementary to Human Economic Purpose that one can only imagine why it wasn't assigned in secondary public school curriculum. These findings of fact, from diverse experience over time, reveal:

Brenneman, A.K.A.kb. (2021). One Day: how community is the currency we need for the life we want.

Community is the currency of human agency and fear is lost in transparency.

Closed vs Open Source Library

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Closed Source Conflicts of Interest:

"Only 13% of large government software projects are successful. State IT projects, in particular, are often challenged because states lack basic knowledge about modern [open source] software development, relying on outdated procurement processes. Every year, the federal government matches billions of dollars in funding to state and local governments to maintain and modernize [proprietary] IT systems used to implement federal [and state elections, and] programs such as Medicaid, child welfare benefits, housing, and unemployment insurance. Efforts to modernize those [proprietary] legacy systems fail at an alarmingly high rate and at great cost to the federal budget."