Nature calls

the soil that feeds us needs us

The Nature Calls project is about how anyone can make their own living and why it so significantly matters where each day we do our number one and number two. Humans are in a serious waste crisis, creating too much waste and pollution for the space our species occupies on planet Earth, generally unaware of our own instinctual striving to maintain the nutrient cycle of the living soil and water supply that sustains us. Butt we can, with relatively little effort, sustain our natural nutrient cycle by returning into living soil the wash/eat/excrete life that we consume, regardless of our culturally influenced views on community or climate change. Although, if human-caused waste pollution and climate change, or act-of-god climate change, worsens for humans, the act of making humus, and everything about our own individual capacity for change, will become much more crucial to our personal survival and collectively determine the ability and capacity of humans to exist in nature on the only planet we inhabit. 

We each have the capacity to personally create about one half cubic yard of new living humus each year, which continuously retains and purifies 93 gallons of fresh potable water (25k gallons per acre/inch), and provides without big mono/ag fertilizers or pesticides the nutrition now missing in our foods and depleted soils. The math shows that closing our nutrient cycle, by creating humus instead of waste, is the single most effective thing we can do to reduce subsurface waste pollution and the depletion of our soils and water supplies, sequester carbon and significantly improve ecosystems.

CT Waste Crisis
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Nature Calls Design

Open Access to the archive-in-progress of our research on the history and culture of human excreta inputs/outputs is categorized as follows and located on both Google and Proton servers:

01 Nature Makes and Needs Excreta to Create New Life

02 The Unsustainable Depletion and Contamination of Life by Humans

03 The Unsustainable High Cost of Anaerobic Waste Treatment Systems

04 Aerobic Composting Consumes Toxins and Makes New Soil Without Waste

> Container Based Sanitation (CBS)

> Rainwater Harvesting (RWH)

> Biological Sand Filter (BSF)

05 Excreta Economics and Culture