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To transform the violence and ecocide of money imposed scarcity and inequality (Capitalism), inflation and taxation (Socialism), into an open source community that works equally well for anyone; all in about one day each per week to secure for everyone our universal basic needs. 

A Communion of Purpose (Declarations and By-Laws are under construction.)


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CRMS | Common Resource Management System

PLT  >>>

Human Economic Purpose

HEP depends on open source governance and an equally inclusive participatory economy to satisfy the five immutable needs of all humans most fairly and efficiently:

Public Ledger Technology

PLT is the open accounting protocol that makes it possible to answer the social contract question: “What the where, when, how and why!?” and provides what it takes to access these earth and human resource data-values on social networks for peer-to-peer informed public decision-making on binding social contracts:

Identity Access Management*

IAM me ID is the self-evident human right and personal responsibility to obtain and hold a permanent public participation identity. Your IAM me ID is not dependent on any internet server you are currently using, cannot be taken from you, and can be self-generated through verification with existing voter ID and recognized real ID systems. The logic of open accountability and participatory governance is perfectly aligned with individual autonomy and agency, which is exactly the opposite of anonymity. Closed governance corruption requires anonymity, under the pretense of privacy and secret voting, to engage in political acts of violence and abuses of power with impunity. Control of our personal and public data is first and foremost a security issue that requires the immutable identity of both machine and user. Otherwise, it is impossible to fully secure access permissions and log resource-use accountability. Privacy is only a concern if our personal security is threatened by an abuse of power, and security breaches are technically implausible in an open source immutable machine/user ID model. Most importantly, it is not possible to have a free and fair society without accounting for the Equal Time Value participation of each person and our resource access and use within the community. We all require privacy for self-development and personal relationships; and although it may on occasion be prudent to question or share information anonymously, everyone has an equal right to know and control how our data is being used, and to retrieve and preserve our data in an open standard format. Ultimately, the more accurately we identify and openly account for our unique physiology and personal interests, the easier it is to accommodate and include everyone most respectfully and productively.

Active Consensus Truncation

ACT is real-time public polling for life sense-making on the fly, anytime, anywhere. ACT allows everyone to see in real time what issues matter most to everyone. Facts can be efficiently established and proposed solutions fully vetted for best possible outcomes. Corporate-state monopolies have insider access to our data and use our every bloody click and glance for social profiling and political manipulation, while account holders are denied the access and agency to ACT on our own collective data. Humans are far more likely to be in fundamental agreement on HEP solutions than we are told not to think by closed governance media. The archaic practice of secret voting to protect against retaliation is itself a dirty secret of closed governance. When everyone is authenticated by their own real-vote ID and can ACT openly on any topic across any social media platform, by simply highlighting a key sentence or two and selecting (+2) (+1) (0) (-1) (-2) to reflect one’s current level of agreement or interest, our most crucial concerns will continuously surface through aggregated ranked-choice voting in real time. The most agreeable statements on the issues, and best restatements of fact and reason, can be fully verified by a real third-party vote (imagine that) and truncated and updated to reveal solutions in real time that are most supported by informed consensus. Retaliation against an open voter is futile when everyone has open source access and agency to ACT on aggregated, truncated, verifiable data. Reddit-like attempts to aggregate crowd intelligence for public decision-making have been repeatedly subsumed by well-financed opposition from closed governance actors, using the worn out triple-E strategy of Embrace, Extend, and Extinguish; but when enough good people insist on ubiquitous open access to 24/7 ranked-choice voting, every institutional actor and peer-to-peer participant will know the real numbers, in real time, and can ACT openly in real-life for safe transition from the myriad dysfunctions and threats of closed governance: No question left behind. 

See Red Alert example.

Equal Time Value

ETV is the immutable attribute of fairness that cannot be monetized away or financialized into cryptocurrency secrecy and passive speculation. If an hour saved is an hour earned, my time is no more valuable than your time. The time value of time is all we have in life. The time value savings gained from the production efficiency of automation and machine learning should accrue most equally and fairly to all participants. All ETV participation contributes to the collective data-bank of human resources and machine intelligence, regardless of how privileged or handicapped one is at birth. Those who are lucky or unfortunate enough to outperform others in their group may deserve recognition, but certainly not unequal leisure time and additional competitive advantage over their peers. Some may need more patience and practice to perform certain tasks, but ridicule, deprivation, and marginalization is counter productive for everyone. We all have the same human economic needs and are easily capable of managing together a participatory oneday.community that provides an equally comfortable standard of living for everyone in about one day per week, per healthy adult, without money and taxation. Our collective intelligence and social instinct for sustainable community reveals our urgent need to transition from a passively financialized, debt-based economy of closed governance and privileged advantage, to an all-inclusive, intentional economy of Equal Time Value participation; without which, we cannot enjoy a regenerative ecology of clean water, living soil, healthy food, secure housing, and equal access to healthcare, information and infrastructure.

See: My Time In Your Space

Human Responsibility Rotation

HRR is the immutable attribute of fair use which states that we all must learn to share and take turns. Most agree that this social skill should be taught to our children by example. Open governance and CRMS accounting makes it possible to match individual skill-sets and tool-kits with infrastructure requirements and projects. Participants contribute Equal Time Value through self-assignment and rotation of tasks and duties. If necessary, sortition can be used to quickly and fairly determine who needs to show up to get the job done. HRR applies to all elements of Human Economic Purpose, so money and taxation schemes are completely unnecessary post transition, in a fully participatory oneday.community 

Resource Sortition Technology

RST puts to rest the conflicts and deficiencies that arise in HRR scheduling and resource allocation when an approved pull request is not satisfied voluntarily. Sortition is the digital application of ancient wisdom found in the casting of lots to select among qualified candidates for public service, and to assign tasks and positions unclaimed by volunteers. The drawing of straws is to digital sortition what tally stick accounting is to distributed database ledgers: the immutable practice of fairness, proven throughout time to solve resource access selection and decision-making bottlenecks. Imagine the time and energy savings of sortition (s)election among competent candidates well-suited to an assignment, compared to the perpetual waste of resources extant in the tired charade of corporate-financed electoral politics, under the pretense of democratic representation.

Open Conflict Resolution

OCR states that the logical outcome of Equal Time Value, Human Responsibility Rotation and Resource Sortition Technology, is that conflict over resources and social status is reduced by orders of magnitude to practical nonexistence. There is no competitive advantage to adversarial coercion or litigation in an egalitarian society of open governance. Due process in the Digital Age requires universal open access to the law, and decisions of law, whereby findings of fact and conclusions law are determined openly and impartially by qualified arbiters and citizen panels selected by open source sortition. OCR proceedings can and should be conducted online unless evidence or circumstance requires otherwise. In any event, all case documents are deemed public, except for narrowly defined and redacted security information, and made instantly available for public review and analysis.

See Earth Compact

Open Source Modularity

OSM is the economic principle of efficiency exemplified by what is broadly referred to in the literature as modularity, i.e., standardized components designed for use in as many different applications as possible. This methodology is sometimes called low-tech modularity, meaning the simplest form of standardized components and methods with the highest number of use cases. The design principles of modularity cannot be applied optimally apart from open source standards, open governance, and open source technology. OSM is the sum of interchangeable building blocks needed to universally connect all aspects of functionality throughout every sector of society for regenerative ecology.

Biosites of Wellbeing

>>> Human Economic Purpose:

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For a case study on how CRMS applications can provide solutions to deep socioeconomic problems like the nationwide housing security crisis, see the Fair Housing Ownership and Community Economy 2020 Report to the Rhode Island State Legislature 

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